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A great man and a prince has fallen in Israel (2 Samuel 3:38)

It pleased the Lord to take our brother and His servant, Johan Malan, to be with Him on 16 October 2016 at the age of 75.

Having been born of missionary parents, Johan grew up to find Christ as his personal Savior and also a passion for knowing and teaching God's word. After leaving school he studied and worked as an anthropologist in various parts of southern Africa before finally teaching anthropology at the University of the North for 28 years. His brilliant mind was recognized when the university conferred on him the title of professor (for life) which is the highest rank one can attain in academia.

But it was particularly in ministry that he would make his greatest contribution. Johan had a marvelous combination of attributes which made him ideally suited to become the great defender of the faith he was. His mind was not clouded by the liberalism and false knowledge that comes with a formal theological education. Yet, he was able to apply his training as an academic to his study of the Scriptures in order to produce clear, logically sound, and doctrinally conservative conclusions. But even more importantly he had a heart which was willing to not just believe the Word, but to obey it and to continue to grow in obedience and knowledge.

I never ceased to be blessed by the soundness of his theology, his commitment to truth and his gentle spirit. At a time when harshness and anger seems to mark most in apologetics work, Johan showed that one did not need to sacrifice the fruit of the Spirit in order to be an uncompromising defender of the faith. The attacks he endured from within and without discernment circles and his non-retaliatory approach verified his authenticity as a man of God and of the truth of his message. At the same time his unwavering commitment to a traditional view on eschatology while everyone else was chasing after the latest fads in eschatology cost him many "friends" while acting as an encouragement to the few who have chosen to remain faithful to the traditional view.

His hard work and labor in the Lord served as a constant encouragement and a rebuke to me. For 26 years he wrote and produced "Die Basuin" (The Trumpet), a magazine that reached Afrikaans Christians at a time when there was very little healthy reading for the community. (He produced an English version for two years). He wrote thousands of articles and more than 30 books and was productive until the very last moment when he slipped into a coma at his desk (he would not wake again, until he opened his eyes in glory five days later).

He saw his last book ( Bybelse Profesiee Werp Lig op die Toekoms - "Biblical prophesies shine a light on the future") in print just two weeks before his departure. The day before he fell asleep he drove for several hours to Cape Town to help load the boxes of the books from the printer on a truck. Indeed he remained faithful to the end and his Master honored him by taking him painlessly, gently and with dignity.

There is no doubt in my mind that Johan was the most positive influence for truth in southern Africa over the last 30, or more, years. South Africa produced many prominent ministers and authors during Johan's generation but I do not believe that any other pastor, writer or theologian can match the standard he raised against apostasy and for the truth. Indeed, his influence through his website continues to extend far beyond the borders of South Africa.

I look with fondness on the meetings we used to have in his office on the campus near Pietersburg and the few meetings we had after that. I miss his almost daily e-mails in which we were able to discuss many serious matters as equals even though I regarded him has my senior by far. It has been a great honor to know such a great man and to be counted as one of his friends in spite of the geographical distance that latterly separated us.

May his work, and above all, his example continue to speak and encourage others: ".he being dead still speaks" (Hebrews 11:4).

Our hearts go out to his family and especially, his wife Wilma, at this time of temporary separation.

Anton Bosch
Los Angeles, California.