Spiritual Devotion and Service

Are You a Living Letter From God

The Corn of Wheat must Die

A Winning Plan For Life

Works of Faith at a Mission Station

Death-bed Experiences

God's Kingdom

Africa Bible Commentary: A Review

Human Reactions during Times of Severe Distress

Persevere in Faith

The Importance of Prayer

Challenges to True Evangelists

Spiritual Heritage of the Waldenses

True and Deceived Followers of Jesus

We Cannot be under Law and under Grace

A Storm out at Sea

The Good Samaritan

Privileges and Responsibilities of the Bride of Christ

Three Steps to Higher Heights

God's People in the New Testament

The Children of God and the Children of the Devil

Angus Buchan: Evangelist or Revivalist?

God's Commandments in the New Testament

Commands and Promises to the Disciples of Christ

Human Completeness: Body, Soul and Spirit

The Twelve Final Pronouncements of the Bible

The Requirements and Characteristics of Discipleship

Gems from the Treasury of Scripture

Testing the Spirits

Christ as our Saviour and Advocate

Doubts, Trials, and Attacks by the Enemy

Demands of the End-time Conflict

Stumbling-blocks on the Way to Sanctification

Blessings in the Bible

Blessings in the Sermon on the Mount

Further Teachings on Blessings by Christ

Religious Diversity in Taiwan

The End of our Earthly Race

Matthew's Message to Israel

Luke's Message to All Nations

Shadow and Substance: Jewish Feasts and Christian Reality

The Earthly Bride and her Heavenly Bridegroom

A Recurrence of the Times of Noah and Lot

Doubt Expressed on Matters of Faith

Ministries of the Holy Spirit

Justification and Sanctification

Underway to the Promised Land

The Fulfilment of Peter's Calling

Extreme Spiritual Polarisation

A Tree That Bears Much Fruit

Choices Which Everyone Should Make in Life

Faith and Repentance

Be Watchful!

How Can We be Ready for the Second Coming of Christ?

Admonitions by Christ to His Church

The Call towards Readiness for Christ's Coming

Holiness unto the Lord

Tenfold Role of the Christian Husband

The Christian as a Temple of the Holy Spirit

How Were People Saved During Old Testament Times?