Israel and Jerusalem


God�s Love for Israel

Rebuilding of the Temple

Messianic Jews

Prophetic Programme in the Feasts of Israel

Struggle for the Control of Jerusalem

The Spiritual Significance of Jerusalem

The Major Cause of Israel�s Afflictions

Israel and the Coming Tribulation Period

The Rock of Ages was Cleft in Jerusalem

Israel's Escape to Petra, the Mountain Stronghold

Comfort my People

Israel in the Last Days

Israel's Future

How Long Will Israel Keep On Denying Yeshua?

Two Great Wars in Israel

Open Letter to John Hagee: Does Israel Need Jesus?

Jerusalem's End-time Restoration

The Fig Tree and Jerusalem

Reaction to John Hagee's Book, In Defense of Israel

Epicenter � the Heart of the World and the Universe

The Palestinian Threat to Israel

The Cold War in the Middle East

Final Preparations to Rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem

The Messianic Church in Israel

Final Phase in the Revival of Israel's Temple Culture

Palestine: Its Origin, Composition and Future

The Isolation and Planned Destruction of Israel

A Courageous Follower of the Messiah in Israel

Our Responsibility in Respect of Jerusalem

A Demonic Strategy for the Deceiving of Israel

The Literal Fulfilment of Israel's Seven Feasts

The Spiritual Birth of Israel

The Worldwide Application of Israel's Seven Feasts

Countdown to the Messiah's First and Second Coming

A Devine Command to Bless and Support Israel

The Russian Invasion of Israel

The Russian Invasion of Israel (PDF)

The Spirit of Prophecy

Lost Israeli Tribes in Africa?