A Courageous Follower of the Messiah in Israel

The following testimony of a modern Messianic Jew contains excerpts from Jacob Damkani’s website www.trumpetofsalvation.com and his autobiography, Why Me?:

My name is Jacob Damkani and I was born in 1952 by the Sea of Galilee to a religious Jewish family of the tribe of Judah. By the grace and the mercy of God, I was born again in 1977. Only then did I understand my true God-given identity and experienced what it really means to be a true Jew. Ever since that glorious and awesome day of my new birth, I have counted everything of my past as rubbish. By His grace and with His help, I want to know nothing but Him who was crucified - and whom God has raised from the dead.

Trumpet of Salvation to Israel was founded in 1984 as a mission whose purpose is to proclaim Yeshua to the lost sheep of the house of Israel at any cost. By God’s grace and with His power which is at work within us, we are not ashamed of the Gospel nor do we fear any opposition to the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first, and also to the Greek (Rom. 1:16).

Our government does not know how to define who is to be called a Jew. But we who have been born of God’s Spirit know for certain that apart from Yeshua, no-one knows what true biblical Judaism is all about.

My boast and pride is in the God of my forefathers from whom all blessing flows. All glory, honour, praise and adoration belong to Him, by whom the willingness to lay my life down has been worked within me. For Him alone, I would deny myself, pick up the cross, follow Him and break the fear in the heart of the church in Israel. I did not think too much about the dangers of evangelism in Israel. I just knew God had called me to follow Him and present our risen Lord to His covenant people. I Just knew I had to do it and I was certain that He would empower me in my service towards Him.  

After I returned to Israel (I had been in the USA for 8 years), I lived with my younger sister, Carmella, in my parents’ home in Holon. My other brothers and sisters were married and lived in their own homes. My dear beloved mother was at the age of 69 still working to clean houses, but one night she suddenly died while on duty.

My dear father, who was married to my mother for over 50 years and raised eight children with her under extremely difficult and trying circumstances, had suddenly lost his beloved wife. From then on he was no longer himself. All of a sudden in his brokenness, he was overcome by some demonic power which took hold of him and came against me. My father started to curse me, accusing me for the death of his wife, blaspheming the Lord, threatening to burn my New Testament and all of my other books and literature which I was using to spread the Gospel.

After a few long weeks in which I endured these heavy attacks, I decided to move out. I left my father’s home as I could no longer take his blasphemy and continuous threats to burn my books. I knew very well that it was not my father cursing and blaspheming the Lord and me, but Satan himself who so much wanted to stop my work in Israel.  All the attacks, harsh violence, beatings and bloodshed which I experienced in the streets of Israel did not stop me from presenting the Gospel and pressing on for the high calling, but now Satan was desperately trying to stop me by using the death of my mother and my father’s intense grief against me. I was not fighting against flesh and blood and all my prayer and fasting did not help. 

I found myself sleeping in different houses. Brothers in the Lord loved to host me; dear Ilan Zamir blessed me so much during this time, as well as my sister Frieda and others. I kept praying for my dear father and visited him often in Holon. I realized that he was getting into all sorts of trouble. My love and concern for him grew and I did not know how to help him.

During this time, in a most miraculous way, the Lord provided me with the money needed to purchase a house. It is located in Jaffa, a mere three minutes walk from where Peter had his vision (Acts 10). This vision led Peter to take the gospel to the Gentiles for the first time - to a man named Cornelius. It was 2000 years ago when the apostles marvelled at the conversion of the Gentiles. Why is it beloved, that today the church marvels when Jews come to Yeshua? 

From Jaffa the Gospel went to the gentile world and now after 2,000 years, the Lord wants to bring the Gospel back to His Jewish people from Jaffa. This house has become a center for designing and preparing tracts, books and video cassettes in Hebrew - presenting Yeshua in His Jewish context progressing from the Old Testament into the New. We make all of our printed material available free of charge for the use of the whole body of Christ in Israel.

By God’s grace, Trumpet of Salvation has managed to print and distribute over 200,000 copies of the book, “Lama Davka Ani?” (“Why Me?”). As our budget allows, we place articles in Israel’s national newspapers proclaiming Yeshua in His Jewish context through the Old Testament. The response is overwhelming; people call and write, asking to receive New Testaments and other reading materials.

To say the least, Trumpet of Salvation to Israel in Jaffa is a ‘train station’; the number of people who are coming to visit is great and they come to ask about the Lord and what it means for Jewish people to believe in Yeshua. At Trumpet of Salvation, before people make a commitment we ensure they understand their need to count the cost of what true faith is all about. Many Israelis come to faith and what a privilege it is to disciple them to that point where they can withstand family and societal pressure, after which we place them in the body of our Lord in accordance with their geographic location.

All praise be to God! Honour and glory belong to Him alone! In every congregation in Israel you can find Israelis who came to faith because of the work of God in Trumpet of Salvation to Israel. Do you believe that if you are born again you are also called? It is up to you, beloved, to respond to the love of God which calls you from the cross. If you only start to follow Him, living your life in accordance with all that Yeshua and His Kingdom require, you will find yourself living the most exciting and colourful life in which no tears, sorrow or pain could prevent you from following the King, the true lover of your soul.

Consider now this marvellous truth: The Lord has commissioned His disciples to take the gospel unto the uttermost parts of the earth. Now that the gospel has reached the four corners of the earth, God is gathering His covenant people back to their Promised Land as dry bones. The Jewish people are still dead in their sin and God is pushing them into the corner as He did in the time of the judges, only this time not by the Ammonites, Edomites or Moabites, but by their Moslem neighbours. Now most of the world stands against Israel and she feels so lonely, she is in great despair and losing all hope. As Israel is coming to the end of her rope, could it be that now it is not Gideon, Deborah or Samson who are to be God’s spokesmen, but you, the Gentile believers, who are called to provoke the Jews to jealousy?

Israel as a nation always seems to be standing at the crossroad. As long as they continue to turn their back on Yeshua, they will continue to make the wrong turn. God no longer has Moses, Samuel, Jeremiah, Paul, Peter, or John to work with Him on earth, but He has you, born of His Spirit, whoever and wherever you are.

For over 20 years the Lord has used Trumpet of Salvation to Israel to teach, encourage, challenge and mobilise Jewish and Gentile believers to present the Jewish Gospel to Jewish people in a Jewish way. By God’s grace we disciple many Israelis who come to faith, teach them the basic principles in their new found faith and establish them in the truth of God. We help them understand that their life is now about God and His kingdom. We encourage them and help them to withstand the pressure from family and the religious orthodox. We then help them to find a Messianic congregation which is suitable to them, and thus help to build the Messianic Jewish believing community in Israel.

(For newsletters and more information on Trumpet of Salvation to Israel, contact them at: trumpsal@netvision.net.il)