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Eschatology (end-time events)

The Book of Revelation sketch

The Rapture

Reasons for the Rapture

The Antichrist

Babylon's Rebellion Against God

Iraq and Babylon

The Spirit of Babylon

The Last Generation

Great Falling Away after the Departure of the Church

Prophetic Significance of the Olivet Discourse

The Millennium

Israel and the Church in Prophecy: a Biblical Discourse on the Pretribulation Rapture

The Restoration and Destruction of Babilon

Global Warming Poses a Great Threat

Perilous Times for America

Times and Seasons

Christ and the Antichrist

Revolutions are Globally on the Increase

Islam's Views on the Coming Messiah

Antichrist Will Arise From the Mddle East

Early Beginning of the Third World War

The King Who Comes Again

Two Important Generations

Characteristics of Our Time

Prophetic Days and Nights in World History

Messianic Expectations in the Monotheistic Faiths

Messianic Expectations in the Eastern Religions

The Chief Prince Of Meshech And Tubal?

Final Preparations to Receive the New Age Christ

The Emerging Dispensation of the Antichrist

The Russians are Coming!

Iranian President: the Mahdi and Jesus will Reform the World

The Day of the Lord is Coming

Antichristian Globalism Approaches the Final Stage

Distress of Nations, with Perplexity

Message of the Bright and Morning Star

The Peace of Israel and the Nations

Divine Judgements and Signs of the Times

Xenophobia May Again Flare Up in South Africa

The Pretribulation Rapture and a Perspective on Trumpets

Impending Wars in the Middle East

The Dispensations of God � Do You Have the Correct Perspective?

Prophecies on 2011 and 2012 � Are They Reliable?

Three Important Generations in Biblical Prophecies

Prophetic Significance of the Olivet Discourse

Times and Seasons

The End-time King of the North

The Promise of the Rapture in Thessalonians

The Antichrist and his Kingdom

Palestinianism and the Kairos Document

The Times of the Gentiles

Great Disasters Predicted for 2012: How Real is the Danger?

Why Calvinistic Churches do not Proclaim the Prophecies

The Writing on the Wall

A Cashless Monetary System is Rapidly Emerging

The First and Second Coming of Christ � a Comparison

Appearance and Works of the Antichrist

The Stone that will Destroy the Gentile Kingdoms (Daniel 2)

Uprisings and Power Shifts Amongst Israel's Enemies

The Future: What Can We Expect?

Blood Moons, Eclipses of the Sun, and Meteors

The New Jerusalem and the Bride of Christ

Seven Judgements of God since the Coming of Christ

Globalism and the Reign of the Antichrist

The Rapture of the Church

The Chronological Structure of End-time Events

Deliverance Before Divine Wrath

The Evil King of the North (1)

The Evil King of the North (2)

World War III, the Antichrist's NWO and his Reign of Terror

Characteristics of Our Time � the Great Falling Away of the Last Days

Key to the Understanding of Revelation

Sudden Catching up of Christ's Bride

A Guide to Survival after the Rapture

A Guide to Survival after the Rapture (PDF)

Newton's Theory and the Sensation re 23rd Sept. 2015

A Dispensational Transition with Dramatic Consequences

Apostasy, Divine Judgements and the Great Escape

Two Kingdoms, Two Messiahs, Two Marriages

The Day of the Lord Will Soon Dawn