Bible Study Course

We offer you an introductory Bible study of 22 chapters, by Prof. Johan Malan. This course is also available in Afrikaans, and Portuguese.
This is a strong evangelical Bible study which is aimed at improving the knowledge of young believers on basic Biblical doctrines, and also to deepen their commitment to the Lord Jesus with a view to become more effective disciples. Mature believers will also benefit by following the course.

Your Word is a Light to My Path


1. The Triune God

2. Jesus Christ

3. The Holy Spirit

4. The Word of God

5. Satan and His Kingdom

6. Sin

7. Salvation

8. Sanctification

9. Prayer

10. Discipleship

11. The Assembly

12 Israel

13. Spiritual Deception

14. Law and Grace

15. Dispensations in the Bible

16. Heaven and Hell

17. Signs of the Times

18. The Second Coming of Christ

19. The Antichrist

20. The Judgement Seat of Christ

21. The Millennium

22. Principles of Dedication