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In August 1978, Johan Malan was appointed professor of Anthropology at the University of the North (presently the University of Limpopo) near Polokwane in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, and in January 2006 he retired. He and his wife, Wilma, now live in Mossel Bay. They have two married sons.

As the son of a missionary, the late Rev. J.S. Malan, Johan, from a very young age, received thorough training in the Bible at home. He regards himself as an evangelical Christian who observes the literal, grammatical-historical method of interpreting the Bible. Because of this approach he fully accepts the large body of prophecies related to the literal restoration of Israel in the land of their fathers.

As a cultural anthropologist, Johan and his wife visited various kibbutzim in Israel in 1993, where he conducted research on communal farming and also wrote two articles on this subject for a scientific journal (Malan, 1994, 1995). At the same time, Johan made contact with Messianic Jews in Israel. One of them later translated his book on Israel into Russian, mainly for distribution among the large number of Russian-speaking Jews who immigrated to Israel. Visits to Finland and Estonia gave rise to the translation of some of his books into Finnish and Estonian.

Johan still keeps abreast of events in Israel, and now offers a new and extended edition of his book on Israel.