Cape Town Mystic has a Large Following

Johan Malan, Mossel Bay, South Africa (June 2014)

The practising of Eastern mysticism through transcendental meditation is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. In Monkey Valley, Noordhoek, Cape Town, lives an Arab mystic who enjoys a large following in many parts of the world. His name is PK Mohan (alias Mohanji) who comes from Muscat in Oman. On his website ( he explains the Eastern roots of a mystical self-discovery, as well as meditation for the unlocking of higher levels of consciousness to promote inner peace, healing, the elimination of stress, good human relations, and world peace. His objective is that his followers should improve the quality of their lives and become the masters of their own destiny.

Mohanji’s second wife, Biba, comes from the former Yugoslavia and is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga. She has a postgraduate qualification in Peace Studies, and encouraged Mohanji to share his spiritual wealth with the world. He is now engaged in this ministry on a fulltime basis and conducts meetings everywhere in the world to enhance people’s divine consciousness and promote peace. The following is a summary of Mohanji’s, convictions, training methods and objectives:

Negative experiences gave rise to the search for new meaning in life. Mohanji was a well trained and successful businessman in the Middle East. Due to a series of unhappy events he lost everything that was important to him – his work, his money, his child who died in a car accident, and his wife from whom he separated. Because of these traumatic experiences he decided the best way out was to change his values and take control of his life on a spiritual level.

The inner shift under the guidance of Tibetan masters. He sought guidance from Shirdi Baba, Mahavatar Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba, and several other Masters, some living in the body, some operating from mystical planes of existence. He made the Himalayas his second home, and found solace in the wisdom and unconditional love of the Masters. Slowly, the inner channels opened up fully and continuous telepathic communication with the Masters became his inner and outer reality. Getting to ‘know’ and sometimes ‘feel’ Shirdi Sai Baba, Parthi Sai Baba, Babaji, Akkalkot Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Bhagwan Nithyananda (Bade Baba), Mata Amrithananda Mayi and many other saints influenced his life. The book Autobiography of a Yogi changed him thoroughly – ever since his initial reading of it in the mid 1990’s. On his website it is stated that Mohanji expresses many Masters, and many Masters express through him. He always says that “in terms of consciousness, they are all One”.

He promotes a pantheistic concept of God. Mohanji says: “God is within us. ... The soul element that fuels our existence is the God within all of us – the one who generates, operates and dissolves. Hence, all of us possess the same God element. None are inferior nor superior to anyone. Some evolved higher through rigorous practices, contemplation and meditation. Through lifetimes of efforts, they attained higher awareness. That’s all. In principle, all are one and the same. The same soul element fuels the existence of all the living beings, which includes plants, animals and birds. Just like the same electricity is used to operate various equipments, the same soul operates various bodies; and some of them are human bodies. All of us are temporary custodians of this body.” Masters of wisdom are those who developed their God consciousness to higher levels. Among them are Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and various other luminaries who all belong to the same hierarchy of spiritual masters.

He believes in reincarnation. According to him, the ascended masters of wisdom decide when they wish to return to the earth to complete another life cycle in order to further guide people in the awakening of their consciousness. He says: “Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was also a disembodied soul. I had my relevant agenda which provoked this birth on earth. I chose my parents of this life, place of birth, environment and the body-mind-intellect apparatus to carry out the agenda that I came here for.”

Simplicity of life. Excessive involvement with secular and materialistic things is countered by extended times of silence and seclusion. A simple diet and clothing is characteristic of this life. Mohanji is a vegetarian, he often only wears a white robe and walks barefoot at home.

Energy points in the body. In Mohanji’s courses he teaches the Hindu concept of energy points (chakras) in the body, of which the six most important ones are situated in the spine, and the seventh one on the forehead in the position of the third eye. Energy which is derived from these points is used for the solving of all possible problems, e.g. disease, strained relations, financial problems, stress and fear, while the third eye gives one perspective on the larger context of your life, including unseen spiritual powers.

Methods of meditation. Courses are offered on how to meditate in order to unlock higher levels of consciousness. Meditation is practised in a closed room in which the person sits in a relaxed position on the floor or on a chair. Soft, soothing music is recommended, which resembles the purling of a mountain stream, while mantras are also used. A mantra may consist of a single word or short sentence which is repeated over and over until the person is detached from the present reality and experiences an altered state of consciousness. It is also suggested that photos of masters in the art of meditation are displayed in the room. When gazing at their faces or looking into their eyes the transition into the cosmic sphere will be quickened.

360 degrees consciousness. Mohanji offers a course in which the consciousness of his “disciples” is expanded until it forms a full circle like a wheel. The spine is the axis of this circle, and Mohanji explains it as follows: When we shift our consciousness to the spine and to 360 degrees, the impact, the wear and tear of the events that we are exposed to in daily life, will be very less. Nothing will touch us deeply. Nothing will affect us. Nothing will overwhelm us. You will maintain perfect equanimity and deep gratitude. Nothing happens by accident. Everything has a perfect reason. We often cannot understand the reason from our level of consciousness. That’s all. Our inability should not be interpreted as cosmic deficiency. Cosmic perfection is infinite and incomparable. When we attain liberation, we shift from our limited senses to unlimited awareness. It is like a martial artist who says that his whole body serves as his eyes. This means we should be aware of everything around us. This is concentration and awareness. Usually all of us are ‘front-oriented’, operating in 120 degrees. We do not see the remaining 240 degrees behind us. These remaining 240 degrees definitely exist, but we do not notice that. This is due to the limitation of our senses. When our sense barrier is broken and our awareness level spreads around us, we become centred in our spine. We become completely balanced. And we will operate from our higher awareness plane. The result? No anxiety, no fear, no guilt, witness consciousness, unconditional love, compassion, total equanimity.”

Bless the World meditation. When people have learnt to fully expand their consciousness they will allegedly be able to bless the world by solving the problems of conflict, hate and the absence of love and forgiveness. This programme is explained as follows on Mohanji’s website: “May you enjoy the presence of Lord the Master always within you. Second in line of Bless the World Meditation Series which Mohanji received telepathically from a higher consciousness is the 360 Degrees Meditation, a 90 minute long advanced meditation for more serious practitioners. It trains you to become rooted in the spine, which is experienced as the axis of a circle of 360 degree awareness around the spine. It activates the higher chakras and is the basis for astral travel and telepathic communication with the higher Masters. Please continue below to understand more about 360 degree awareness. Please start the meditation by expressing gratitude and connect to Mohanji’s eyes by gazing at any of the photos on this website. It will make you more open to receive the Guru’s grace. ... The Bless The World meditations were both given to Mohanji by higher Masters. Bless The World programs started in Dubai in October 2008 and till date, people have experienced BTW meditations in many countries.” Those who successfully engage in meditation will experience the presence of the master in their spirit and will also be able to undertake astral journeys when their spirit will leave their body to visit other places where they will be able to observe what is happening there.

Pilgrimages to Mount Kailash in the Himalayas. Mohanji also leads pilgrimages to holy places, including the snow-capped Mount Kailash in Tibet. This is one of the most sacred spots on earth to Hindus and Buddhists. This Mountain is considered holy by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. In ancient texts, it is referred to as the centre of the world. In the surroundings of this mountain are the sources of four large rivers, including the Karnali which is the largest tributary of the Ganges River in the south. According to Hinduism, Lord Shiva, the destroyer of ignorance and illusion, resides at the summit of a legendary mountain named Kailash, where he sits in a state of perpetual meditation. Buddhists believe that Mount Kailash is the home of the Buddha Demchok, who represents supreme bliss. Every year, thousands of people go on a pilgrimage to Kailash, following a tradition going back thousands of years. Pilgrims of several religions believe that walking around Mount Kailash on foot is a holy ritual that will bring good fortune. The journey of 52 kilometres (32 miles) is made in a clockwise direction by Hindus and Buddhists, while followers of the Jain and Bönpo religions circumambulate the mountain in a counterclockwise direction.

Local praise for Mohanji

In an article, “Meditate away your stress”, which appeared in a South African women’s magazine (“Vrouekeur”), Riette Rust says that she found this method of overcoming stress and enjoying peace of mind to be highly effective. Her visit to Mohanji was a strange but very pleasant experience. She says: “The building to which we went for meditation reminds one of a wooden shack in the forest. Friendly, barefooted men and women in white robes meet us at the door. ... Candles are burning everywhere in the room and photos of deceased spiritual masters are displayed on tables. ... Mohanji appears – also clothed in a white robe and also barefoot. He sits down, with flowers arranged on a white floor-mat around his feet. We are clearly in the presence of a holy man.”

Firstly, through visualisation, the visitors had to contact all the people with whom they had strained relations. They had to ask forgiveness for ill feelings and fully accept those people, thereby removing all tension and aggression from their relationships. Subsequently, time was devoted to discover the mystical centre in everyone’s life, and to focus on it. Riette writes: “A shift is needed from the front to the centre. We should realise that our spine is the centre of our existence and who we are. All that we need to do is to become aware of this part of our body, to feel it, to focus on it and to become anchored to it. When that has been done no fear, anxiety and stress can have a strong effect on you.”

At the end of the exercise Mohanji laid his hands on those present, thereby transmitting spiritual energy to them. He said to them: “When I touch you, you will receive spiritual energy from God, which will empower you to grow intellectually and spiritually. ... You will be healed emotionally and be delivered from bad memories.”

Mohandji also responded to questions on meditation, and explained it as follows:

“Reach a higher level of consciousness and become one with the Almighty. Jesus was without fear, and when you are fully united with him you will experience liberty and be without fear. See, therefore, that you are connected to your spine and firmly anchored to it. If you shift your consciousness to your spine and become aware of the 360 degrees reality around you, negative events will not strongly influence or overpower you. You will also act from a higher level of consciousness, and have no tension, fear or feelings of guilt. You will be able to give and receive unconditional love and empathy, and always be acquiescent and thankful. In this way you will become a balanced person. Train yourself to enter this level of consciousness rapidly and with ease, thereby replacing the energy which negative persons and adverse circumstances draw away from you. If you believe in God, or any other god, do it 100%.”

From this description it is obvious that Mohanji do not recognise any religion in its own right. The various gods only expand his list of spiritual masters, and in this way he ensures that people from different spiritual backgrounds feel relaxed and welcome in his company. Ultimately, he introduces all people to a number of mystical energy points (chakras) in their spine, which they have to use to empower and save themselves. Thoughts are ordered, accepted or rejected by means of cosmic energy, and as improvement sets in the person becomes aware of his own divine nature which enables him to live in a creative and positive way. No reference is made to biblical atonement or a continuing relationship with a personal God.


It is quite evident that the deception of our time is focused on the core values and principles of the Christian faith, i.e. the existence of a transcendent, personal Creator-God, His Son who Himself is God, as well as His Word which reveals the only way of salvation from a lost state. However, the threat which proponents of mystical spirituality pose to evangelical Christianity is not of an openly confrontational and hostile nature, but instead subtle and unobtrusive to undiscerning believers. Interfaith mystics are so accommodating and tolerant that they take every effort not to give offence. They offer transcendental mediation as a technique from which the followers of all religions can benefit. Those who are taught to meditate are even encouraged to use the names of their own gods as mantras when seeking spiritual illumination.

This approach allays the fears of many people, and renders them completely willing and even anxious to depart on their exciting journey of spiritual discovery. It is only after the new perceptions have been established in their spirit and mind that they will abandon traditional beliefs on God and His Son, and also substitute Christ’s atoning death with a form of salvation which is based upon mystical thinking and humanly-inspired love. They will then pity those who have not yet shared in this experience.

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