Donít Just Accept Your Fate Ė Do Something About It

There are often situations in life which are difficult to handle. That is possible, but you donít want to sacrifice yourself to solving them; you merely accept there is a purpose for whatever happens to you, and that the Lord will, in His own time, deliver you from it. This is the big mistake which many Christians make because they say, ďI expect everything from the Lord.Ē Donít get me wrong Ė the Lord helps us to solve our problems, but He often wants us to get through difficulties ourselves. He will give you strength and guidance, but He expects you to tackle and solve the problem yourself.

Already in the first account in Genesis we are instructed on this principle. God gave to Adam and Eve everything that their hearts desire, literally everything, but they were proud and wanted more. Consequently, they took of the forbidden fruit. God then decided that man had to work for his food and possessions. As part of their punishment they were driven from the garden as God has decided that humans should work for their own survival. In this new situation He showed people how to live.

Would Christianity still have existed today if every Christian decided he was not willing to suffer and plod on, but would rather wait on the Lord to come and help him? Did God build the ark, or did Noah build it under Godís guidance? Did God literally lead the Israelites out of the wilderness or did Moses lead them through with the help and guidance of the Lord?

The Lord today still offers us spiritual power and guidance to get through life, but He wants us to prove ourselves by being diligent and hard-working and not easily abandoning our responsibilities. The world is evil and dark, but the Lord does not want us to sit on a stone and wish the rapture would soon occur in order to bring an end to our suffering. The rapture will happen when Godís work on earth has been done, when the gospel of salvation has been preached to all nations. God does not do the work Ė we are doing it with the help of God. Without His guidance the Holy Spirit will not work in peopleís hearts to convict, save and lead them.

Accept life as a challenge and remember: God has the power to do anything, but He wants us to conform to His image and to do everything that needs to be done. He wants Christianity to overcome the temptations of Satan!

I have decided to follow the Lord Ė not because I want to sit on a white cloud, not because I want to rule over people, but because I want to fulfil His commands on earth by being a diligent worker who does His will and proclaim it to others.

Every day things happen which draw me away from my spiritual life, but when one realises that you were wrong you should pray for forgiveness. When you do that, the chances are less that you will commit the same sin again.

May the Lord Jesus be with you all through His Holy Spirit until we have accomplished His work on earth.

Kevin Malan, 19 (grandson of Johan Malan).